Dídac P. Lagarriga
(Abdel-latif Bilal ibn Samar)


[LAST UPDATE: 04/2018]

Dídac P. Lagarriga, also known as Abdel-latif Bilal ibn Samar, was born in São Paulo (Brazil) in 1976 from Spanish parents. Since his childhood he lives in Barcelona.

Books (in Spanish and Catalan)
-El despertar de l'arbre (child's book), Akiara books, Barcelona, 2018 [drawings by Albert Asensio]
. Languages: Spanish, Catalan, Portugues.
-Tombuctú. Archivos de arena (poetry), Árdora, Madrid, 2017 [Introduction by Ismael Diadié Haidara] Language: Spanish
-De tu hermano musulmán. Cartas de hoy a Charles de Foucauld, Fragmenta, Barcelona, 2017 [Introduction by Javier Melloni; postface by Pablo d'Ors] Languages: Spanish, Catalan
-Un Islam visto y no visto, Ed. Bellaterra, Barcelona, 2016. Language: Spanish
-Eco-yihad. Apertura de conciencia a través de la ecología y el consumo halal, Editorial Bellaterra, 2014.
Language: Spanish
-La vecindad (
poetry), Webislam Libros, Córdoba, 2013. Language: Spanish
-Mimar lugares (
poetry), Propost, Barcelona, 2011. Language: Spanish
-Afroresistències, afroressonàncies. Teixint les altres Àfriques (Beca KRTU), oozebap, Barcelona, 2006.
Language: Catalan
-Hablarlo, (fiction), H2O, Barcelona, 2005.
Language: Spanish
-Hoy por fin esta calle huele a curry, Edicions Côclea, Camallera, 2002.
Language: Spanish
-[sic] Allò que escolto d'aquella gent que llença frases (Premio Narratives 0), Eumo editorial, Vic, 2000. Languages: Spanish & Catalan

His book (Spanish only) Eco-yihad was launched on november 2014 by Ed. Bellaterra (Barcelona).
He has participated in some round tables and media about ecology and consumption from an Islamic perspective. His lecture about halal consumption patterns opened the «Technical Course on the Production of Halal Food» hosted by the University of Cordoba and organized by Educaislam on April 2012. Invited by Halal Institute he has participated in the session «Halal, a global concept» organized by six mosques of Sevilla and on SAHAF, Sarajevo Halal Forum on 2012. In Barcelona he has participated in various round tables and lectures on Islam and ecology, history and interreligious dialogue organized by Catalan Islamic entities (Minhaj ul'Quran; Daara Murid; Junta Islàmica Catalana...) as well as African & Intercultural Studies Centre (CEA). He also worked on the boarding team of the 2nd and 3rd International Congress of Islamic Feminism (Barcelona, 2006 and 2008). Currently he collaborates with Madrid based FUNCI (Fundación de Cultura Islámica) at the Publications area.

Publisher, editor, translator
In 2005 he founded oozebap, a Barcelona based non-profit organization dedicated to the study and dissemination of cultural, spiritual and social aspects of the African continent and the Islamic world. He directs the publisher house of the organization, one dedicated to Islam and one to Africa.
Since may 2014 he co-directs Dar Lugar, a quarterly paper magazine in Spanish about interfaith, intercultural and intergenerational dialogues.
Since June 2014 he coordinates (and writes for) a weekly 2 pages section in ARA catalan newspaper about spirituality and interfaith dialogue.
Chief-editor of blingual (English/Spanish) e-journal AYAT
by FUNCI (Fundación de Cultura Islámica), Madrid, 2016.
He usually collaborates with articles in various media and has received several research grants related to contemporary culture in Africa and one to study the links between religion and contemporary Catalan art from the Cultural Department of Catalonia's Government. He has translated many books of essays and biographies for various publishers.


As a poet he has participated in numerous lectures since 1995. His latest books (both in Spanish) are 'Mimar lugares' (2011) -a compilation of 5 years of writing poetry- and La Vecindad (2013), a long ecopoem after an encounter with a Senegalese murid community in the diaspora.

When he was 15 years old he left the school and got into spirituality, literature, notably poetry, and art, expressing himself with different media: experimental poetry, sound-art, photography, video-installations, performances... After some years exhibiting his work and touring all Europe with his sound-art project Un caddie renversé dans l'herbe, Dídac-Bilal accepted Islam in his late twenties and decided to stop for a while his artistic career, devoting his time to study. In 2005, founded his own publishing house, oozebap, with books on Africa and the Islamic world. He is also the father of two children.